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Huntsville Professional Photographers Association

Print Competition Rules


·        Digital image must be submitted to website by midnight of the last submission date.

·        Entrant must have captured and created the original exposure or exposures except for MA categories.

·        All processing, manipulation and printing or rendering, were done by the entrant or under their direct supervision.

·        The entrant has obtained and has access to all necessary releases (model or property) and agrees to hold HSVPPA harmless against all claims and liabilities arising out of HSVPPA's display, publication and promotion or other use of each image submitted to HSVPPA.

·        No entry will be eligible if it has been made under the supervision of an instructor or as a class assignment. All images submitted must be self-directed. Images created in an educational environment under direct supervision from an instructor are ineligible.

·        Any entry that has been created from an existing photograph, portrait, graphic or any other artwork produced by another person is a violation of the competition rules and will not be judged, accepted or displayed. If an entry, in the good-faith opinion of the HSVPPA, violates copyright, trademark or any other applicable law, that entry shall be disqualified.

·        At this time, the maximum number of images to be submitted is limited to six (6) submission per entrant. They can be of the same category or in different categories. 

·        A minimum of three (3) images must be entered to constitute a print competition.

·        To enter go to  There you will need to sign up for a membership (either basic or premium).  When the competition is open it will be announced on our Facebook Members Only Page along with an email.  Please make sure you select the "HSVPPA".     

·        These rules are subject to change at the discretion by the members of the board as needed.  


Prints will be judged considering the following twelve (12) attributes of a professional photograph, in order of importance.


1. Impact 
2. Creativity 
3. Style 
4. Composition 
5. Print Presentation 
6. Color Harmony

7. Center of Interest 
8. Lighting 
9. Subject Matter 
10. Technical Excellence/Print Quality 
11. Technique 
12. Story telling



·        Ribbons will be presented for 1st place based upon the highest total number of points for competitors who attend the competition. In the event of a tie, the tie will be resolved by the Presenter.

·        All qualified entries of those competitors are in attendance of the monthly meeting will receive one (1) point that will count toward Photographer of the Year. 

·        Winners selected from the competitor who are in attendance of the monthly meeting will receive the following additional points toward Photographer of the Year; three (3) points for 1st place, two (2) points for 2nd place and one (1) point for 3rd place. 

·        The Presenter/Speaker will choose from entries from the competitor who are in attendance of the monthly meeting.  The Presenter's Choice, will bring the competitor one (1) point toward the Photographer of the Year award.

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